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Usually the first stage where parents send off their little caterpillars with dreams of the flying off as strong butterflies. Our preschool curriculum is designed as an amalgamation of Montessori and ECE methodology characterized with a lot of hands-on learning material with the goal to build self-confident, independent & responsible individuals.

One way to achieve this is by providing a wide range of age-appropriate materials, along with a strong focus on and activities that spark the children’s curiosity and encourage them to investigate and discover.

Another key aspect of this type of learning environment is that children are given the freedom to explore and make choices, without the fear of being told “no.” This type of approach, sometimes called “child-centered,” places the child’s needs and interests at the center of the learning process and allows them to direct their own learning.
This can be achieved through a variety of ways:
– Providing a variety of open-ended materials and activities, such as blocks, art supplies, and dress-up clothes, that allow children to use their imagination and creativity.
-Encouraging children to take risks and make mistakes, rather than correcting them or providing too much guidance.
-Setting up child-safe spaces for exploration and experimentation, such as a play kitchens, sandboxes or jungle gyms.
-Creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere where children feel safe and respected.
With a Teacher-student ratio maintained at 1:8, a particular emphasis is given on one-to-one learning where the children feel bonded and connected to their class teachers.

Additionally, as preschoolers are at the stage of beginning to understand social norms and how to interact with their environment, it’s important to establish clear boundaries and rules. While they may not hear the word “no” as frequently, the boundaries and rules are established to promote safety and well-being, the environment is not completely devoid of any limitations, so children understand that certain behaviours have consequences.

In summary, we aim to create an environment that is specifically designed to meet the needs of preschoolers, we can set them on the path to success as they continue their educational journey towards elementary.