Building Blocks Karachi

D-171, KDA Scheme No.1, Amir Khusro Road ,Karachi.


Building Blocks follows an amalgamation of the Reggio Emilia approach, the classical Montessori methods and the Early Childhood Curriculum, where we pick out the best qualities of all three methods allowing our children to explore their classrooms freely and discover themselves.

The best time to apply is when you feel your child is ready to go to school. For some kids, this period comes in earlier than others. Admissions intakes are considered during the year depending on seat availability, however, the best time to apply is usually December or January for the upcoming academic year starting in August.

You can go to our admissions section on the website where you can fill out the Registration form and then our representative will reach out to you.

Whilst it is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged that both parents attend since it is such a crucial decision of your child’s life. Your child’s attendance is mandatory since we would want to meet them before making a decision for admission.

You can reach out to the admin number(0317-2256257) for an extension in the due date with a valid reason. Requests for extension will be evaluated by the management and a decision will be made in 1-3 working days. Extensions will generally be for a week, depending on the number of applicants on the waitlist.

Let us know during the interview process. Upon confirmation of the offer, we will try and expedite your application, if possible.

Bring along with you

– Original and Photocopy of the NADRA Birth Certificate.
– Original and Photocopy of Both Parents CNIC
– One passport size picture of the child
– One recent Family photograph including all siblings

Decisions are usually taken in 4-5 working days. However, sometimes this process can take up 3 weeks depending upon the number of applications. You can always reach out to the admin number 0317-BBLOCKS(2256257) asking for an update on your application.

Siblings are given preference for admission before we open those seats to outsiders. However, the process and requirements remain the same for those applicants.

Ideally, no. Age groups are designed to ensure that no child feels that he/she is above or below the class mental level. This also helps the teacher to easily identify which child is exceeding or falling short of the milestones of that age group. However, in some cases we may consider admitting a child in a class below or above which you can highlight during the interview process.

Whilst we don’t have a pre-set criteria that we’re looking for, however, we are looking for parents who have a sound understanding of the Building Blocks ideology and fully agree with it. We would want parents to be fully onboard with our values before taking a decision with their child’s future.

As per policy, we do not release the details of why admission offer was not extended to a candidate. You can always apply again next year.