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Our Programs


Usually the first stage where parents send off their little caterpillars with dreams of the flying off as strong butterflies. Our preschool curriculum is designed as an amalgamation of Montessori and ECE methodology characterized with a lot of hands-on learning material with the goal to build self-confident, independent & responsible individuals.

One way to achieve this is by providing a wide range of age-appropriate materials, along with a strong focus on and activities that spark the children’s curiosity and encourage them to investigate and discover. Another key aspect of this type of learning environment is that children are given the freedom to explore and make choices, without the fear of being told “no.” This type of approach, sometimes called “child-centered,” places the child’s needs and interests at the center of the learning process and allows them to direct their own learning.


Elementary education is a vital stage in a child’s development, as it lays the foundation for their future academic and personal growth. During this stage, students are introduced to a wide range of subjects and skills, including numeracy, literacy, and social-emotional development.

One of the key features of our elementary program is the use of hands-on and experiential learning. This can include activities such as field trips, science experiments, and group projects, which allow students to apply what they are learning in class to real-world situations. The curriculum is designed to be interactive and engaging to promote active participation and collaboration among students to best achieve this goal.

Junior & High School

As children move from elementary to junior school, they typically experience a significant increase in academic rigor and responsibilities. They are often expected to become more independent learners and take on more ownership of their education. This can be a challenging transition for some students, but with the right support, it can also be an opportunity for them to develop important skills and become stronger individuals.

Extra Curricular

Our school places a strong emphasis on providing a well-rounded education for all of our students, which includes a variety of extracurricular activities.

One of the extracurricular options we offer is yoga. Our yoga classes are designed to help students improve their flexibility, balance, and relaxation. These classes are open to students of all skill levels and are a great way for students to relax their mind, body and soul.

Another extracurricular option we offer is swimming. We have experienced instructors and a state-of-the-art swimming pool that is open to students of all skill levels. Students can improve their fitness, endurance, and cardiovascular health by participating in our swimming classes.

In addition, we also offer Taekwondo classes for students. Our certified instructor uses his vast experience to make these classes extremely lively alongside helping students develop discipline, focus, self-defense skills, and self-confidence.