Certified and Trained ECE Staff
Our faculty is an exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic team. All staff members are highly qualified and Early Childhood Education certified who ensure balance of planned and child initiated activities.
Sports and PE
Physical activity promotes cognitive learning and enhances children’s academic performance. Hence, every child is exposed to free-play or outdoor games on a daily basis.
Designated Dining Area
A separate Dining area designated for the children to have their snacks/meals where they are introduced to healthy eating habits and learn the importance of sharing, cleaning up after eating and other eating etiquettes.
Activity Room
A theme – based and well-resourced activity room is available for the children with a variety of unique and exciting activities.
A Cappella
A Cappella is an Italian term for singing without instruments. It enhances active listening and trains ears to analyze different sounds. A Cappella rhymes are incorporated in our curriculum for children to develop their musical ears.
Pet Haven
To develop a sense of affection for the animals and the Nature, Pet Haven provides kids with an opportunity to love and care for the animals in a secure surrounding.
First Aid Room
A well-equipped First Aid Room with trained first aid personnel is available to ensure provision of basic first aid care as well as first aid treatment such as minor cuts, scratches, bruising and for bodily injury.
Audio-Visual Room
Audio Visual Room is set up to cater to the need of students to visualize their learning for better retention of concepts.
Students gain hands-on experience along with the understanding of the work of gardening techniques like sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, watering and caring for plants.
Class Reading Corner
A colourful and well-resourced library is available for students where they can relax and read for pleasure, to inculcate reading habit.
Role Play Areas
To promote love for learning, we have a life-like market set up. These areas provide a platform to the students to bring out their imaginative ingenuity.
Arts and Craft
Art and Craft activities are greatly emphasized in our curriculum in order to develop children’s imagination and to enhance their ability to express ideas, feelings and experiences in a creative way.