Building Blocks Karachi

10/D Talib ul Mola Street MACHS Tipu Sultan Road Karachi.

D-171, KDA Scheme No.1, Amir Khusro Road ,Karachi.



Our vision is for our kids to recognize and cherish their individuality whilst being socially responsible individuals. The same strategy doesn’t apply on every child; hence, our kids are taught to learn how to question things around them and think on their feet, whilst supporting each other to become well-rounded individuals.


Our mission is to establish a comprehensive foundation by teaching our kids the necessary skills to achieve independence as a learner. During that process, as our kids grow older they learn compassion and empathy for everyone around them making them socially responsible individuals.

Director’s Message

Welcome to BB!
If you’re going through our website, it’s most likely because you’ve begun the quest of searching for the right school for your child. It is absolutely important at this stage to not be overwhelmed with the plethora of information being thrown your way but rather make sure that you learn the core ideology of any school and decide that’s what you want to identify your child with.
Building Blocks was founded on the ideology to provide every child with a safe space for learning where children can find their individuality whilst still being part of the larger community with a core focus on ethics and Islamic values instilled from an early age.

The generation we’re now catering to is 2-3 decades away from what we grew up with. Whilst some learning methods still hold strong, the same cannot be said about a vast majority of those. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, how many times did we experience certain moments in our schooling days which, in hindsight, were not dealt in the best way possible.
At BB, we believe in not making those mistakes again. Our kids don’t have to pay for what we went through. It is indeed important for kids to struggle at times to understand the essence of achievement or learn certain values. But in the right environment with a favorable outcome and not because ‘we learnt it the hard way’. This is where BB steps in. With an amalgamation of the classic Montessori approach bundled with the contemporary ECE methods, we strive to provide a structured environment where we can help the upcoming generation learn the values we hold dear in an environment that is conducive to learning and growing.

I look forward to seeing you and your family during the admission process. May this be the start of a healthy and beneficial relationship towards making a positive change in the lives of our children!

Bilal Tabba
bilal tabba