Admission Procedure

  1. Fill in the Registration Form and submit it at the School’s Front desk. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  2. REMEMBER: Acceptance of Registration Form does not guarantee admission.
  3. Selected parents will be called for an interview within one week. Kindly bring the child with you on the day of the interview.
  4. An interview with the parent will be conducted after which a decision shall be made.
  5. Fee Challan will be issued to selected parents.
  6. Admission Fee is NON REFUNDABLE once admission is finalized. You are advised to make all payments within One week from the date you receive the Challan, otherwise the admission will be considered cancelled.

Age Brackets

Class Minimum Age In August
Play Group    1.6
Nursery    2.6
Prep I    3.6
Prep II    4.6